Customized Miniature Dolls in Period Costumes

The Customized Dolls below are a sort of mix and match. You choose from among the many doll heads I offer and the period costumes shown below and then decide on the hand pose, eye and hair color. If you like the doll just as you see it, choose "As seen in photo" on the order form and you're done. It's that easy! I'm continually adding new dolls and costumes so if you don't see what you want today you may see it sometime soon. The costumes are categorized by century. At present there ae 18 men's costumes pictured. The women's and children's costumes will be added soon. If you need help customizing go to How To Customize for detailed instructions.


P101 - Puritan Doublet: mid 1600's. Our Puritan wears a black doublet and white squared-off falling band (collar and cuffs folded back over the coat sleeves to form a deep cuff. His breeches are also black. He wears black stockings and puritan style shoes (#1) with long tongue and medium heels. The shoes are decorated with silver buckles. He has a black puritan hat (not shown). It is made of felt and has a broad brim and high crown. Choose this costume for a wealthy well educated gentleman as he originally came from the English Middle Class. This costume is worn by James. He wears his hair in the Cavalier style: curled locks flowing to the shouldars. He has a moustache and Vandyke beard. Both hands are "natural".
$165.00 (as seen in photo)    $155.00 (base price - no beard or moustache). Options Available


C101 - Colonial: 1740's to 1760's. Our well dressed gentleman wears a velveteen coat, breeches and vest (with fancy trim) over a white shirt with front and sleeve ruffles and ascot neck wrap. He wears black colonial shoes (#1) with silver buckle and white stockings. He wears a black tricorn hat. This costume is worn by George. He long has wavy hair which is probably a wig. Both hands are the "natural" pose. Choose this for a wealthy, stylish gentleman. He could be a banker, politician or have any professional vocation.
$190.00  (as seen in photo)    $190.00 (base price).


V101 - Riding Suit: 1830's. Ready for a morning ride, our gentleman wears a dark green single breasted riding coat (also called a Morning coat). His low cut salmon vest reveals a white ruffled shirt and white cravat. He wears white pantaloons tucked inside his black hessian boots (#13) (which have a gold tassel). He holds a black top hat and a riding whip. Both hands are posed to hold the aforementioned items. Choose this costume for a fashionable young man from a well-to-do family. He has the time to take a liesurely morning ride, which was a favorite past time in the early 1800's. A similar outfit is worn for hunting, except the coat is red. This costume is worn by Adam. He wears his hair fairly short with long sideburns.
$205.00  (as seen in photo)    $180.00 (base price). Options Available
V102 - Frock Coat: 1840's to 1900's. Our fashionable gentleman wears a blue frock coat from the 1840's. His fancy 'silk' vest is gold. Checked trousers were popular at this time. He wears white gaitors over black shoes (#6) and carries a walking stick. He smokes a cigar. This costume is being worn by Nick. He has balding grey hair and long sideburns. His right hand is posed to hold the cane and his left hand is posed to point with his forefinger.
$185.00 (as seen in photo)    $160.00 (base price).
V103 - Long Sack Coat: 1880's. Many fashionable gentlemen liked the look of this Long Sack Coat. It has 4 buttons and is worn open showing a khaki vest and windowpane checked pants. The fashionable man never buttoned more than the top button! Our gentleman wears a black ascot tie and a bowler hat. Choose this outfit for bankers, merchants, doctors, gamblers, mill owners, barkeeps or even a western town marshall. This costume is worn by Adam. He has short brown hair and a moustache. Pointed cheek whiskers (long sideburns) would also be appropriate to his fashionable look and so is now included (though not shown).
$175.00 (as seen in photo)    $170.00 (base price).
V104 - Inverness Coat: 1850's to 1890's. The inverness coat worn by our well dressed gentleman is a light and dark brown houndstooth check in a wool blend. He wears dark brown pants, white shirt with red print ascot. He has a deerstalker cap. He has black hair combed straight back. His left hand is in the natural pose. His right hand is posed to hold a pipe. The pipe is included. He wears brown tie shoes (#9). This costume is worn by Basil. It is recommended for Sherlock Holmes.
180.00$ (as seen in photo)    $170.00 (base price). Options Available
V105 - Chesterfield Overcoat: 1880's. The chesterfield coat has remained popular to the present. The doll shown wears a medium grey/brown English wool blend coat. His black pants have very narrow white stripes. He wears black tie shoes (#9). His shirt is white and he wears a black bow tie. His hands are both in the natural pose. His hair is straight with a moustache turning into sideburns. He wears wire rim glasses. This costume is worn by Hudson. It is highly recommended for Dr. Watson (Nigel head) as it coordinates especially well with the Sherlock Holmes in the Inverness Coat shown above. Chesterfields were commonly worn in the city and while traveling.
$175.00 (as seen in photo)    $160.00 (base price).
V106 - Tennis/Seaside Coat: 1890's. Our sporty gentleman wears a black and white striped blazer. His blazer has 3 pockets and 4 buttons (as was the custom for these blazers). His trousers are white. He has a white shirt and black four-in-hand tie. His shoes are white oxfords (#5). This outfit is worn by Adam. He has curly brown hair with long sideburns. He wears a straw boater hat and has natural pose hands. Choose this style for a casual summer day of boating or playing tennis.
$165.00 (as seen in photo)    $160.00 (base price).
V107 - Store Clerk Outfit: 1900's. Our store clerk wears a khaki colored apron over a black vest, white shirt and beige undershirt and black bow tie. By the end of the 19th century aprons had developed specialized pockets. Our cleck wears beige/white striped pants and black tie shoes (#9). This costume is worn by Charles. He has straight hair parted on the side with mutton chops joining up with his moustache. He has natural pose hands. (Saw not included). The general store often served as a community center because this was where the mail was delivered and they often had the only telephone in the area. Choose this outfit for a general store clerk or other grocer and retail clerks. Machinists and carpenters also wore this apron.
$165.00 (as seen in photo)    $155.00 (base price).
V108 - Nightshirt: 1890's. Our sleepy old gentleman is ready for bed. He wears a red and white striped nightshirt. His matching night cap hides his balding head with snow-white hair. He walks around in bare feet (#10). His natural posed hands are holding a candle stick to light his way (included). This old fashioned nightshirt was still preferred by more conservative and older gentlemen in the 1890's. It appears in the 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalogue.
$150.00  (as seen in photo)    $145.00 (base price). Options Available
V109 - Millie The Maid: 1890's. Millie is ready for a day at work cleaning your dollhouse. If your house is like mine, she has a lot of dusting to do! Millie wears a long black dress with white cuffs. Underneath, she has a white false front shirt with peter pan colar and one pearl button. Her white apron is lacey on top and ties in the back. She wears a white bonnet to match. She has on black ankle high shoes. Her hands are the natural pose (1/2 arms). She is fully poseable.
$175.00 (as seen in photo)    $175.00 (base price).


M101 - Turtleneck Sweater: 1890's to present. Our gentleman wears a brown turtle neck sweater, cream colored corderoy pants and brown boots. His hands are both the natural pose. You might choose this for an athletic type fellow as the turtle neck has been worn throughout this century for playing a variety of sports. It was originally invented in England for bicycling. This outfit is worn by James. He has straight hair combed back and long sideburns. He also wears wire rimmed glasses.
$145.00 (as seen in photo)    $135.00 (base price). Options Available
M102 - Three Piece Suit: 1890's to present. Our gentleman wears a single brested brown jacket with gold pin stripes. The vest and pants match the jacket. He has a white shirt and gold tie. His shoes are brown modern ties (#9). This outfit is worn by James. He wears a moustache and goatee. He wears round wire rimmed glasses. His straight hair is parted in the middle. Both hands are natural. Choose this for a man who lives and works in a big city such as NY, Chicago, or Boston.
$170.00 (as seen in photo)    $155.00 (base price).
M103 - Blazer: 1890's to present. Nick wears a sport jacket in a not too conservative plaid. His shirt is burgundy and his trousers are dark blue. He wears black modern tie shoes (#9). He studies the Racing Form while smoking his cigar. (The cigar is only available with the "Nick" head). Both hands are "natural". He has a moustache and long sideburns. Choose this outfit for a gentleman out for a day at the races. It would also be good for a gentleman running his own one-man detective agency.
$150.00 (as seen in photo)    $140.00 (base price).
M104 - Bongo Player: 1960s and '70s. WILLIE comes to us from the rock festival he attended in the late '60's where he played  bongo for a local band.  He wears white bell bottomed pants, a suede vest,  bell sleeved  print shirt and dark brown boots. He even wears those cool blue shades at night.
$155.00 (as seen in photo)    $135.00 (base price).

M105A - Hippie: 1960s to '70s. PAUL is wearing an outfit from the late 1960's.  He has a denim jacket with peace and anti-war buttons attached.  His shirt is tie dyed and his jeans are patched.  He is barefoot (#10) though sandals are an option. He has a moustache and long sideburns.  His headband  holds back his long wavy locks. Both hands are posed to your specifications. Rose colored glasses are an option.
$180.00 (as seen in photo minus the sandals)    $160.00 (base price).

M106 - Fisherman. Bubba is out for a day of fishing. He is wearing denim blue jeans, a plaid long sleeve shirt and suspenders. His hands are posed to hold a fishing rod (which is included). He has barefeet.
$160.00 (as seen in photo)    $130.00 (base price). OPTIONS AVAILABLE

M107 - Overalls. Madison is wearing denim overalls with a red checked long sleeve shirt. He wears brown tie shoes. Both hands are natural.
$140.00 (as seen in photo)    $140.00 (base price). OPTIONS AVAILABLE

M108 - Butler. Moses is wearing black pants, vest and bow tie. He wears a white long sleeve shirt and black tie shoes (#9). This costume would be suitable for a butler or waiter.
$150.00 (as seen in photo)    $145.00 (base price).

M109 - Santa: 1930's to present. This modern American version of Santa wears the standard white fur-trimmed red suit and cap, black boots and belt. He has a jovial look and full white beard and moustache. He wears white gloves and wire rimmed glasses. Both hands are "natural"
Many more dolls are to come, including women and children, so come back often.




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