The shoes in the photo have been painted or glazed. The doll kit shoes are UNPAINTED. To see how some of the shoes look when worn with a costume, click on the magenta colored shoe style below.


1.Puritan/Colonial (W) 2.Colonial (W) 3.Colonial (W) 4.1800's Evening Slippers (W) 5.White Oxfords (W) 6.Gaitors (W)
7.Western Boots (B) 8.Hightop Sport Shoes (B) 9.Modern tie (B) 10.Bare Feet (F) 11.Slippers (Colonial to Modern) (F) 12.Western Boots (B)
13.Hessian Boots (B) 14.Riding Boots (B) 15.Riding Boots (B) 16.Western Boots (B) 17.Boots (B)



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