This section contains my current inventory of miniature dolls. They are 1/12 scale porcelain dollhouse dolls. All of my dolls are original doll-artist dolls. Occasionally I will include a one-of-a-kind doll. The rest are made from my own original molds. All are available immediately...without the wait, so if you see a doll you like, reserve it today.  I will update this section as soon as new dolls (and their photos) are completed.  Currently there are 6 dolls available.  If you don't see a doll you like or want a different doll head to go with that perfect costume, check out my Customized Dolls section where you will find lots of other costumes and a wide variety of doll heads from which to choose. All photos come in 2 sizes, the thumbnails below and large, highly detailed photos. The large photos allow you to really see what you'll be getting, so please, click on the thumbnails below to view the larger photos. Click on the right arrow to continue viewing the larger photos without having to return each time to this page. The left arrow (under the large photos) will return you to this page should you want to read the descriptions. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me (Debbie) at: portraitdolls@yahoo.com

A102 - ADAM weas an 1890's sporting outfit. His black and white striped blazer has 3 pockets and 4 buttons (as was the custom for these blazers). His trousers are white. He has a white shirt and black four-in-hand tie. His shoes are white oxfords (#5). He has curly brown hair with long sideburns. He carries a straw boater hat and has natural pose hands. Adam is ready for a casual summer day of boating or playing tennis.
$150.00 - Sorry, Adam is now RESERVED.
A103 - NICK wears a blue frock coat from the 1840's. His fancy 'silk' vest is gold. Checked trousers were popular at this time. He wears white gaitors over black shoes (#6) and carries a walking stick. He smokes a cigar. He has balding grey hair and long sideburns. His right hand is posed to hold the cane and his left hand is posed to point with his forefinger.
A105 - VINCENT is dressed for a day of cycling and other sports.  He wears a taupe and black houndstooth blazer and knickers with deerstalker hat to match.  His shirt is white and he sports a black bow tie.  He wears black hightop sport shoes (#8).  Bicycle included.
A111 - OZZIE SMITH wears the baseball uniform common to the 1980's St. Louis Cardinals.  He sports a red St. Louis cap and a handcrafted baseball glove.  He wears red sports shoes.  Ozzie is a one-of-a-kind portrait doll.
A112 - ANDREW is looking for a job as a Store Clerk. He wears a blue and white plaid shirt, drk blue pants and a buff colored apron. His hands are natural. He sports a swallowtail beard, moustache and long sideburns as commonly worn in the 1890's. He holds a can of vegetables. His shoes are black ties (#9).



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