Thank you for your interest in my Dollhouse Miniatures.  Each order form is listed below.  Please use them to reserve an item or to request more information.  Many items are one of a kind, so it is important that you reserve an item BEFORE you send a check.  I will send you a confirmation that the item is reserved for you.  You will then have 2 weeks to send me your check.  I will notify you if someone else has reserved it before you and will follow up with info on whether it can be ordered (or reordered) and how long it will take.  All of the Hooked Rugs are one-of-a-kind items.  The Ozzie Smith doll is too.

All items have been lovingly handcrafted.  I'm sure you will be pleased with the detail and workmanship.  For more information, please see the corresponding FAQ's at the end of each Miniature Section.




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