Meet The Artist: Debbie Olsen


The phrase "little things mean a lot" epitomizes my life as an artist.  From the tiny pictures I drew as a child to the surrealistic sculptures I made as a teenager, they  all had one thing in common: they were all small and detailed.  When I discovered dollhouse miniatures in 1982 it was love at first sight.

Soon my new hobby became a business.  I began by selling hooked rugs and scented flower arrangements at miniature shows.  It wasn't long before the sculpting bug bit again and my dollhouse men were born.  Dee Snyder (from the Nutshell News Magazine) saw 'my men' in their first show.  Much to my delight, she wanted to write an article about them. Boy was I excited.  It ran in the February '86 issue of the Nutshell News. 
I've reproduced it for you here.

It's been 12 years since that article was written and since then I've greatly expanded my doll business.  Several of my earliest dolls were portraits of celebrities:  Basil Rathbone and Ozzie Smith.  Now, half the dolls I make are Portrait Dolls.  I've also received numerous requests to make women and children, so several years ago I began creating a large extended family of dollhouse people.  More dolls are being added all the time.

I've always enjoyed working with a variety of materials.  Making dollhouse miniatures allows me to be a multi-media artist.  One day I can be making fimo pizzas, the next, a working potters wheel out of wood.  The variety is endless.  I especially enjoy making props for my dolls and room box scenes to display them in.  Many of these items can be found in the "Miniatures" section of this web site.

My other interests include studying Philosophy, Jung, Alchemy, the Qabalah and other related subjects, watching baseball and Jeopardy, playing with my cat and listening to The Moody Blues.  In fact, I belong to an internet group called "Lost Chords".
  It's a mailing list for people devoted to The Moody Blues (and their music).  I'm a big fan of "One Life To Live", "General Hospital", and "Port Charles".  (Bet you couldn't have guesed that.)  Well, that's me in a nutshell.



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