Character Dolls from Nostalgia By The Inch
CH102 - SHERLOCK HOLMES wears an inverness coat. It is a light and dark brown houndstooth check in a wool blend. He wears dark brown pants, white shirt with red print ascot. He has a deerstalker cap. He has black hair combed straight back. His left hand is in the natural pose. His right hand is posed to hold a pipe. The pipe is included. He wears brown tie shoes (#9). This doll will be custom made.
$180.00 (price as shown)     $170.00 (base price)
Please use the Character Dolls Order Form when ordering this doll.
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CH103 - DR. WATSON wears a medium grey/brown English wool blend coat Chesterfield coat. His black pants have very narrow white stripes. He wears black tie shoes (#9). His shirt is white and he wears a black bow tie. His hands are both in the natural pose. This costume coordinates especially well with the Sherlock Holmes in the brown Inverness Coat shown above. This doll will be custom made.
$165.00 (price as shown)    $160.00 (base price).
Please use the Character Dolls Order Form when ordering this doll.
Many more dolls are to come, including a gypsy fortune teller, Jacob Marley and Scrooge, a bag lady and bum on park bench, etc., so come back often.


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