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Buff Male Kit: Assembled Body

The Buff Male doll kit is the first of my kits to include the "no neck-line" chestplates. The bodies are made of cotton over a wire armiture. The full chestplate is porcelain. The kit is available either:

1.Assembled - Like the photo above. It comes UNWIGGED and the shoes are UNPAINTED. Wigging is available.

2.Unassembled - Wire Armiture Not Included. This kit includes only the porcelain parts. The swivel head comes attached to the chestplate (though it is detatchable).

Buff Male Chestplate

From Left to Right: 1. Charles 2. Paul 3. Patrick
Please note, these are unpainted 'test' heads on the chestplates.
That is, they are straight from the mold and the
features have not been refined.



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