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V101 - Riding Suit: 1830's. Ready for a morning ride, our gentleman wears a dark green single breasted riding coat (also called a Morning coat). His low cut salmon vest reveals a white ruffled shirt and white cravat. He wears white pantaloons tucked inside his black hessian boots (#13) (which have a gold tassel). He holds a black top hat and a riding whip. Both hands are posed to hold the aforementioned items. Choose this costume for a fashionable young man from a well-to-do family. He has the time to take a liesurely morning ride, which was a favorite past time in the early 1800's. A similar outfit is worn for hunting, except the coat is red. This costume is worn by Adam. He wears his hair fairly short with long sideburns.
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V102 - Frock Coat: 1840's to 1900's. Our fashionable gentleman wears a blue frock coat from the 1840's. His fancy 'silk' vest is gold. Checked trousers were popular at this time. He wears white gaitors over black shoes (#6) and carries a walking stick. He smokes a cigar. This costume is being worn by Nick. He has balding grey hair and long sideburns. His right hand is posed to hold the cane and his left hand is posed to point with his forefinger.
V103 - Long Sack Coat: 1880's. Many fashionable gentlemen liked the look of this Long Sack Coat. It has 4 buttons and is worn open showing a khaki vest and windowpane checked pants. The fashionable man never buttoned more than the top button! Our gentleman wears a black ascot tie and a bowler hat. Choose this outfit for bankers, merchants, doctors, gamblers, mill owners, barkeeps or even a western town marshall. This costume is worn by Adam. He has short brown hair and a moustache. Pointed cheek whiskers (long sideburns) would also be appropriate to his fashionable look and so is now included (though not shown).
V104 - Inverness Coat: 1850's to 1890's. The inverness coat worn by our well dressed gentleman is a light and dark brown houndstooth check in a wool blend. He wears dark brown pants, white shirt with red print ascot. He has a deerstalker cap. He has black hair combed straight back. His left hand is in the natural pose. His right hand is posed to hold a pipe. The pipe is included. He wears brown tie shoes (#9). This costume is worn by Basil. It is recommended for Sherlock Holmes.
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V105 - Chesterfield Overcoat: 1880's. The chesterfield coat has remained popular to the present. The doll shown wears a medium grey/brown English wool blend coat. His black pants have very narrow white stripes. He wears black tie shoes (#9). His shirt is white and he wears a black bow tie. His hands are both in the natural pose. His hair is straight with a moustache turning into sideburns. He wears wire rim glasses. This costume is worn by Hudson. It is highly recommended for Dr. Watson (Nigel head) as it coordinates especially well with the Sherlock Holmes in the Inverness Coat shown above. Chesterfields were commonly worn in the city and while traveling.
V106 - Tennis/Seaside Coat: 1890's. Our sporty gentleman wears a black and white striped blazer. His blazer has 3 pockets and 4 buttons (as was the custom for these blazers). His trousers are white. He has a white shirt and black four-in-hand tie. His shoes are white oxfords (#5). This outfit is worn by Adam. He has curly brown hair with long sideburns. He wears a straw boater hat and has natural pose hands. Choose this style for a casual summer day of boating or playing tennis.
V107 - Store Clerk Outfit: 1900's. Our store clerk wears a khaki colored apron over a black vest, white shirt and beige undershirt and black bow tie. By the end of the 19th century aprons had developed specialized pockets. Our cleck wears beige/white striped pants and black tie shoes (#9). This costume is worn by Charles. He has straight hair parted on the side with mutton chops joining up with his moustache. He has natural pose hands. (Saw not included). The general store often served as a community center because this was where the mail was delivered and they often had the only telephone in the area. Choose this outfit for a general store clerk or other grocer and retail clerks. Machinists and carpenters also wore this apron.
V108 - Nightshirt: 1890's. Our sleepy old gentleman is ready for bed. He wears a red and white striped nightshirt. His matching night cap hides his balding head with snow-white hair. He walks around in bare feet (#10). His natural posed hands are holding a candle stick to light his way (included). This old fashioned nightshirt was still preferred by more conservative and older gentlemen in the 1890's. It appears in the 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalogue.
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Many more dolls are to come, including women and children, so come back often.



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