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P101 - Puritan Doublet: mid 1600's. Our Puritan wears a black doublet and white squared-off falling band (collar and cuffs folded back over the coat sleeves to form a deep cuff. His breeches are also black. He wears black stockings and puritan style shoes (#1) with long tongue and medium heels. The shoes are decorated with silver buckles. He has a black puritan hat (not shown). It is made of felt and has a broad brim and high crown. Choose this costume for a wealthy well educated gentleman as he originally came from the English Middle Class. This costume is worn by James. He wears his hair in the Cavalier style: curled locks flowing to the shouldars. He has a moustache and Vandyke beard. Both hands are "natural".
$165.00      Options Available
Many more dolls are to come, including women and children, so come back often.



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