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Dollhouse Dolls and Miniatures:


Welcome to my Dollhouse Miniatures web site. This page is for those of you with non-graphical browsers. If you simply have the graphics turned off, please turn it back on. Otherwise, you will miss out on all the photos of my Hooked Rugs, Portrait Dolls, Dollhouse Dolls and other Miniatures.

Now, to those of you who are graphically impaired, if you are interested in seeing my Hooked Rugs, Miniature Dolls or Portrait Dolls, after reading the text about them, I can only suggest that you go to the public library and use their computer to view my site. Most libraries are now connected to the world wide web.

As I write this on Aug 11, 1998, the only Miniature Dolls and Portrait Dolls I show on this web site are my men dolls. I've created both women and children Miniature Dolls as well as Portrait Dolls of Erika Slezak, Anna Lee, and Kristina Wagner. I still need to dress them before I put them on the web. The next 24 photos will be more male Miniature Dolls. I'm working on the Customized Dolls section. If you are interested in any of these upcoming Miniature Dolls or Portrait Dolls, please select "page 3" and submit the survey and your e-mail address. I will notify you when more Miniature Dolls have been added. If you want to e-mail me with any questions my address is:

Below are links to all the contents of my Dollhouse Miniatures web site: